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okay, do i just sit back and wait for people to scout me, or what?

i have but 4 peices of art up

2011-04-12 19:23:44 by shoshanish

okay, i put four peices of art i made up, like it said i needed to be for scouting, but, how do you get scouted?

edit 1 6/1/11:
okay i delete the art before and now i have real art i drew and scanned

yay my first submission

2011-04-08 08:07:38 by shoshanish

i just submitted my firs thing to newgrounds! its a drawing, its under submission, its anirken i drew (invader zim)

this picture is win

2010-11-29 20:58:09 by shoshanish

this picture is awesome, but i have to put it here because newgrounds server is acting like a retarded monkey smack its ass, and wont let me put it as my picture.

have fun.

this picture is win

WHAT THE FU-------

2010-05-13 07:54:52 by shoshanish

once again i am awesome.
in 4 days a got 1200 more points!

i have alot of progress

2010-05-09 10:33:30 by shoshanish

holy shit, i have alot of progress in my points and my secrets and rank and my level.
from 1999 - 2010 tomfulp made around 4000 points and got to level 11 (and same with alot of others, even not famous people and people that dont animate), while in about 6 months i have made about 3500 points, unlocked 3 secrets, and got level 7
and im 11 years old.
holy shit.